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The MousePaw'dCast

Tune in every month* as the staff of MousePaw Media discuss open source software development, game design, education, content development, and everything in between.

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The podcast is distributed via the Internet Archive, and is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 , meaning you are free to download and share.

*That's what we aim for, anyway.

Current Episode

Episode 6: New Worlds and Forgotten Times

February 2018

In this episode, Annie, Allie, and Jason discuss world building in storytelling. Chris and Jason talk about design and debugging lessons for modern coders from the era of punchcard programming. Break out the card punch confetti and tune in!

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Episode 5: Villains and Time Flux

January 2018

In this episode, Annie, Allie, and Jason conclude their story character development discussion by talking about antagonists and their motivations. Bo and Jason discuss how to handle uncertainty in project management. We've got villains and time lords abundant, so tune in!
(Article: Gallifreyan Software Project Management)

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Episode 4: New Characters and Old Code

November 2017

In this episode, Annie, Allie, and Jason continue their discussion about character development, while Bo and Sergio sit down with Jason for a chat about inheriting code from other developers. Pastel-colored ponies and coding horror stories are thrown into the mix, so don't miss this latest episode!

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Episode 3: Heroes and Methods

June 2017

We're back! Learn where the crew of MousePaw Media has been for two months. Annie, Allie, and Jason will discuss character development in fiction writing. Nate, Jarek, and Jason talk about methodologies in team and project management. Along the way, you'll hear about chicken hysteria, time zones, conspiracies, and whether a TARDIS could have a role in test-driven development.

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Episode 2: Accents and APIs

March 2017

In this episode, Anne McDonald, Allie Jensen, and Daniel Lee discuss their adventures in phonetics and pronunciations when working on the master word list. Nate Groggett and Jason C. McDonald talk about common pitfalls in API design and documentation.

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Episode 1: History and Characters

August 2016

In this episode, Anne and Jason McDonald discuss the colorful history behind MousePaw Games. Also, Scott Taylor talks about creating a Unicode-friendly string class in C++. (Debut episode.)

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FAQs: Podcast

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What is the music on your podcast?

Our music is "Outer Orbit" and "Time Flux" by Revolution Void, which is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. You can find this and more great free music on the Free Music Archive.

What software do you use to produce the podcast?

We use Audacity for recording and mixing. Check out that and more great projects on our Technology page.

Can I be featured on your open source spot?

We currently only feature projects listed on our Technology page. If your project is there, just be patient - we'll get to you!

Why'd you miss a month (or more)?

We try to produce a new podcast each month, but sometimes more urgent deadlines get in the way.

I really like [SERVICE] - can you publish with them too?

Quite probably! You're welcome to contact us with your suggestions. The only service we've decided not to publish with so far is Stitcher (legalese reasons).