Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about our company, projects, and vision. We hope to answer many of those here! You can also find more FAQs at the bottom of the pages throughout our website.

FAQs: About The Company

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What makes you different?

A lot of companies are built around the traditional concept of profit. MousePaw Media wants to give learners of all ages and abilities the tools they need to succeed. We exist for them, not the other way around.

Can I work for you?

At this time, the only way into the company is through our internship program. In the future, we hope to open the opportunity for others to come aboard as internship mentors.

Can I volunteer to help build on your projects?

We'd love to have your help. Check out our Contribution Guide to learn how to get involved.

I'm an educator/parent. Is there any way I can get early access to the games?

Yes! Once we have something distributable, we will be needing volunteers to test out the game and give us feedback. The program is free and has some really snazzy benefits. Keep an eye on our website and social media outlets to find out when this program opens. (It may be a while.)

Can I donate?

Not at this time.

If you really want to help, please consider donating to the Open Source Initiative, or any of the fantastic open source projects we use.

Can I invest?

We have a very unusual business structure that is not the least bit appealing to investors in the traditional sense. In fact, we planned it that way. If you're really super serious, you are welcome to contact us for more details.

What's taking so long?

We're building an open source game engine with a team composed almost entirely of part-time interns. We don't have a timeline, especially because we'd rather do it right than do it fast.

Do you support women and minorities in tech?

Absolutely! Diversity is a part of our Code of Ethics. We are proud to have a mix of genders with diverse backgrounds and heritages on our team (past and present). Great software engineers, graphics designers, and content developers can come from anywhere.

I have a game idea for you. Where should I send it?

Well, we're glad you thought of us, but we're up to our ears in ideas at the moment. Why not start your own project or company, so we can cheer you on?

FAQs: About The Company

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Will your games be on mobile?

While it isn't impossible, we probably won't be pursuing this any time soon. The market for mobile gaming is over-saturated, and developers rarely break even. We'd rather focus on the tried-and-true: desktops and laptops. (Despite what some trendy PR people would have you believe, those platforms aren't going away any time soon.)

So many schools use tablets! Are you targeting that platform?

No. The average lifespan of a tablet computer is less than two years in the hands of a responsible adult. That's a frightening statistic when you think about schools buying tablets for their students. We don't want to contribute to this short-term fad. Maintaining a Linux-driven school computer lab costs significantly less any way you look at it, so we'd rather encourage that?

Isn't targeting Linux kinda risky?

Linux is free, safe, easy-to-use, and can be used to revitalize even a fifteen-year-old computer. It's a perfect match for the millions of computer users who can't afford The Latest Trendy Computer every year.

We know Linux isn't ideal for everyone, so we still plan to support Windows and Mac, including "outdated" versions where possible.

Why aren't you using [major game engine]?

There are a lot of awesome game engines out there, which have been used to make thousands of totally epic games. Our vision for Operation SpyRat is a little different, both in design and in technical details, and none of the existing engines quite achieve our goals, thus why we're building our own. In the end, we'll also be providing one more quality, open source platform to game developers everywhere.

I'm a game developer, and I want to use your game engine, but can't figure out how to get started. Can you help?

The game engine has a long way to go before it's done. It's open source, so you can keep an eye on the progress of the projects, and even help things along if you like! Check out the Developers page for more information.