Educational Philosophy

A Letter From the CEO

Over the years, I’ve realized how much of what I learned in grade school was far from the complete truth. Much of our modern education system subscribes to the idea of strategic lying to make learning easier for children. The difficult truth, however, is that we are trading in long-term success for short-term understanding. Much of higher education is spent "unlearning" what we were mistaught in the first place.

MousePaw Media approaches education from a daring perspective. Instead of relying on shortcuts and modified terminology with a very short mileage, we aim to introduce the real concepts in an age-appropriate fashion right from the start, and then building on that knowledge. In reality, we aren’t changing what concepts a young child learns. We are simply introducing and building on the logic and vocabulary they will be using for the rest of their lives, in a manner that excites and rekindles the natural love of learning.

Another fundamental difference in our educational approach is in the presentation of the questions, and not just the answers. There is so much in our world left to be discovered, and we believe we are helping to train the next generation of great leaders, scientists, mathematicians, writers, philosophers, engineers, and historians. We’ve abandoned the theory of “learning by rote,” and are taking the approach of equipping students with the knowledge and tools they need to answer those great questions.

We also know that some of those questions have answers well outside the realm of present thought, as was the case with greats like Newton and Einstein. We aim to present the facts in their most current form, without cultural, philosophical, political, or scientific bias. We hope to expose kids to a wide range of ideas, giving them the tools and the courage they need to blaze new trails.

In short, MousePaw Media's educational philosophy can be summed up like this: Every child is capable of their own unique greatness, and MousePaw Media is dedicated to helping them discover and achieve that greatness, whatever it may be.

-Jason C. McDonald
CEO, Lead Developer
MousePaw Media