You can find friendly support, development, and off-topic discussion on Libera.Chat IRC.

To get on Libera.Chat, simply point your favorite IRC client to We also require you to register your nickname.

We run a chatroom on Libera.Chat. Join with the command /join #mousepawmedia

FAQs: Company IRC Rooms

Why is the room so quiet?

Our staff has varying schedules, and sometimes those don't overlap very much. CodeMouse92__ (Jason C. McDonald) can usually be found in the rooms during the day (US Pacific Time), with other staff and community members coming and going.

Why am I being ignored?

You probably aren't! Many people leave their IRC client connected most of the time, so they might just be away from the computer. Ask your question and be patient.

What are the rules for the rooms?

All our rooms follow the Community Rules. You may also be interested into reading our guide to IRC "Netiquette".

How can I get the most out of IRC?

We have a handy guide to IRC "Netiquette" on our Network Documentation.

I was wrongly kicked/banned! Who do I talk to?

First, check the Community Rules, and make sure you didn't violate them. We wrote those to keep our community healthy and friendly, and we take them seriously! If you feel you have not violated those, you can contact to appeal the decision - but be calm and polite if you do! If you're combative or inflammatory, your request will be ignored.