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For nearly three decades, Anne McDonald has been helping to equip and train authors in the art of story crafting, drawing from her years of diverse experience in fiction writing, journalism, and editing.

This growing collection of tools and references is sourced in part from the original resources that were once found on the now-defunct Dancing Word Writers Network, a large online community for fiction authors that thrived for nearly a decade.

These resources are now used in the Content Development department at MousePaw Media, and are made available here to aid authors both young and old.

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Character Analysis

Get to know your characters! Create more realistic denizens of your fictional world using this Character Analysis worksheet.

Authors: Anne McDonald, Jason C. McDonald

Last Update: 6/04/17

FAQs: Writing Resources

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Will you be adding more Resources?

Yes. We only recently added this collection, and are in the process of redesigning and updating the resources from our archives.

I've got some resources I think would make great additions to the collection. Can I send them to you?

Please do! You're welcome to email your ideas and/or content to . Please be sure to explicitly state that you're licensing your content under a Creative Commons license (preferably Attribution or Share-Alike) so we can redistribute in turn.