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FAQs: Documentation

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Why can't I find the documentation for a particular project?

Some projects are still too early in the development process to have documentation. Just be patient - we WILL have docs soon!

What software do you use to produce the documentation?

Our documentation is written in ReStructuredText and rendered with Sphinx. It is then picked up, compiled, and hosted by You can find more information about these and other tools on our Technology page.

I found an error/typo/omission! Can you/I fix it?

The documentation is tracked on the related project repository, and can be changed in the same way the code can. You're welcome to file a bug report, or even better, to fix it yourself! See our Developers page for more information on getting involved.

Can I download a copy of the documentation?

Absolutely! You can download by clicking the "Read The Docs" button in the lower left and selecting the desired download format.