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"Omission" Game Released!

29 March 2021

MousePaw Games' open source word game, Omission, has finally shipped, and is available for download now.

Omission was created back in 2017, but shipment was delayed for a few years because of packaging problems stemming from flaws in Kivy, the GUI toolkit.

Flatpak, a newer packaging format for Linux, provided the key to finally packaging the game despite the necessary workarounds. It also means that Omission is listed on many major Linux software stores via Flathub, Flatpak's official catalog.

Omission is also available for installation on Windows.

Unfortunately, it still looks like official packages for macOS, as well as ARM processors running Linux, will still be forthcoming. Users on these and other systems are encouraged to try running Omission directly from the repository.

You can learn more about Omission and download it for free on the MousePaw Games website:

Questions, comments, and concerns may be directed to .