Meet The Team

MousePaw Media is more than a company - we're a family. We encourage each other to become the best we can be, collectively challenge the assumptions and conventions of the industry, and have fun while doing it!

This page lists all of our current employees and alumni.

Jason C. McDonald

Chief Executive Officer, Lead Developer

Operation SpyRat originally came from Jason C. McDonald's imagination – it first took the form of a free web game on his (now defunct) website, Jason heads up the programming department, with eight computer languages under his belt. He is the primary designer of Ratscript, the company's in-house programming language.

A TBI survivor, Jason is acutely aware of life with a learning disability, yet he doesn't let his challenges slow him down. In addition to his role in the company, he mentors young programmers, and speaks on the topic of software development.

Playing: Minecraft, SuperTuxKart, Oolite

Pizza Order: Avocado, Tomato, Bacon and Pesto

Other Vehicle: TARDIS

[Jason's Website]


Anne McDonald

Chief Operations Officer, Lead Content Developer

Anne McDonald’s background as a writer and editor has deepened her love for the English language. Her experience as a homeschooling parent, and as part of the recovery team for helping Jason rebuild his language skills after a traumatic brain injury, has given her extensive knowledge about education, especially for disabled and hands-on learners.

She has a keen eye and ear for detail, which she applies to quality control and as Audio Engineer. Her varied volunteer work over the years makes her about as adaptable as her armadillo counterpart, Annie A. Armadillo. Whatever she doesn't know, she can find out.

Coffee Order: Hazelnut Latte

Playing: Minecraft, Scrabble, Yahtzee

Alternate Species: Armadillo


Chris Frasier

Developer (2015-)

Chris is an old school coder (he speaks of punchcards and COBOL) who contributes his expertise and snark to the development team at MousePaw Games. He's also one of the nerds responsible for wrangling the production server.

Specialty: Anari

Alternate Species: Fox

Hobbies: Camping, hiking, rock climbing.

Alternative Time Period: Star date 48315.6


Nate Groggett

Journeyman Developer (2015-)*

Nate is a computer engineering student with a passion for storytelling through games, whether on the tabletop or on the computer. With a knack for the nitty gritty of computer architecture, he brings a unique perspective to the project.

Specialty: Ratscript

Playing: Tabletop & graphical RPGs, chess, card games.

Pizza Order: Meatlovers

Other Vehicle: Light Jet from Tron Legacy


Jane McArthur

Senior Editor (2014-)

Jane McArthur has been an essential part of MousePaw Media since its beginning, offering encouragement to her sister, Anne and nephew, Jason. Now she lends her endless creativity and editing skills.

Specialty: Operation SpyRat: Word4Word

Listening To: Kenny G, Yanni, Valdy

Playing: Mahjongg, Bejeweled

Alternative Time Period: Victorian, Early Man


Sergio Ramirez

Journeyman Developer (2016-)*

Sergio started coding in high school, as an extension of his mathematics interest. He understands the important role software can give in helping people from all walks of life to learn and excel.

Specialty: Anari, PawLIB

Pizza Order: Pepperoni, Jalapeño, Cheese-Stuffed Crust

Hobbies: Strength Training

Other Vehicle: Anything with a beast sound system!


Jarek Thomas

Assistant Lead Developer (2016-)*

As the son of a computer scientist, Jarek grew up playing on and experimenting with computers. In middle school, he and a friend got into modifying games, first in working with save files, and later moving on to creating more intense mods. This developed into a desire to know more and more about how computers run.

Specialty: PawLIB, SIMPLEXpress

Starbucks Order: Grande White Chocolate Mocha w/ a pump of caramel

Hobbies: Coin collecting, soccer

Reading: Sci-Fi, especially David Eddings.

[Jarek's GitHub]



We've had many great team members come and go from our project. While they're absent in body, they're still very much a part of MousePaw Media.

  • Bryan Anders, Journeyman Developer (2014-2016)*
  • Stacy Carlson, Journeyman Developer (2014-2015)*
  • Jeff Clark, Junior Developer (2013-2014)
  • Audrey Henry, Journeyman Developer (2014-2016)*
  • Jared Hutton, Journeyman Developer (2014-2015)*
  • Allie Lingard (Jensen), Asst Lead Content Developer (2015-2018)*
  • Michael Parkman, Journeyman Developer (2014-2016)*
  • Alex Price, Asst Lead Developer (2015-2017)*
  • Dave Smith, Journeyman Developer (2016-2017)*
  • Jason Swannack, Junior Developer (2013)
  • Scott Taylor, Journeyman Developer (2014-2016)*
  • Bowen Volwiler, Journeyman Developer (2017-2018)*
  • Derek Chen Zheng, Journeyman Designer (2017-2018)*


Note to Employers

All internship graduates are exhaustively listed on this page. A (*) next to the title indicates a graduate.