Because Life Gets Repetitive

Let's face it - sometimes you just have to create hundreds of similar lines of text with little variations. Nobody enjoys that much typing. That's where Redstring comes in.

Less Redundancy.


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Redstring is a powerful string compiling tool.

Redstring quickly compiles all possible combinations from the information you insert, using custom models. For example, if you want to write out all the verses of "99 wheels of cheese", Redstring makes it easy!

You can also save your Redstring projects for later reuse, or for handing it off to someone else.

Less Redundancy.


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Redstring can be used to quickly create hundreds of sentences.

We created Redstring to speed up coding and content development. It is not only useful for working with numbers and ordered sets of data, but also for more free-form situations, such as inserting various animal names into sentences (yes, we've done that.)

Redstring is capable of handing massive combinations of data without crashing or freezing. One of our favorite tests of Redstring's capabilities is to compile every single possible license plate number given a particular format.

Less...well, you get the idea.


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Redstring can handle large amounts of data.

Redstring is in continual development. We're working on a major rewrite, adding some additional features soon, including:

  • Multi-line models.
  • More intelligent compilation.
  • Column pairing.
  • Randomization features.

Download Now!

Redstring is available officially for Windows and Linux, though it can run anywhere that Python runs.

Download for Windows: 32-bit

Download for Linux: Any Architecture

Source: GitHub

FAQs: Redstring

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When will Redstring 3.0 be ready?

We've got quite a few projects going on, but Redstring is one of them. As soon as we get some other, more important things stabilized, we'll be working on Redstring 3.0 again.

What is Redstring's license?

Redstring is licensed under the GPL 3.0. Later versions will use a more permissive license.

Can I help with development?

We'd love your help! Check out our Developers page for details on how you can get involved.