Vector Animation Reimagined

Anari is MousePaw Media's original, open source animation engine, which is designed to deliver high-performance vector animations and interactivity tools.

Powerful and Complete.

Anari will be a complete animation system, offering all the tools you would expect for vector animation, collision detection, and user interactivity.

The Anari library itself is being designed as a decoupled back-end, so multiple front-end renderers can be designed using different languages and libraries.

Memory Conscious Design.

Many animation platforms make considerable demands on computer hardware. Anari is being built from the ground up to optimize memory and CPU usage wherever possible.

Anari will use our other libraries - namely PawLIB, Stormsound, and Ratscript, to offer sound playback and interactivity with the best possible performance.

Bridge the Gap.

Certain popular commercial animation platforms have been forcing their users to switch to HTML5. While this format is great for some projects, it is ill-suited to many others.

Anari is designed to work with system-level graphics drawing to provide native rendering support, for everyone who wants to build software, not websites in disguise.

FAQs: Anari

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Why vector graphics?

Many high-quality cartoons have been produced using vector-based animation, including My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman, Gravity Falls, and Peg + Cat. It is a versatile art form with many unique tools to aid the animator.

There are currently very few game engines which support true vector-based art, and even fewer are open source. We hope to fill that gap.

What is Anari's license?

Anari is licensed under the GPL 3.0, so you can use it for any open-source project. We'll be switching to a slightly less restrictive open source license soon, to allow compatibility with permissive-licensed projects.

If you want to use Anari in a closed-source project, we'll be offering a paid license upon release.

When will Anari be ready?

Anari is still fairly early in its development cycle, so it's almost impossible to give a date of completion.

Can I help with development?

We'd love your help! Check out our Developers page for details on how you can get involved.

I need this now!

We feel your pain! It's hard waiting, but we promise it will be worth it. However, if you're desperate to do vector-based cinematic animation on an open-source platform right away, check out our friends at Synfig Studio.