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FAQs: Connecting With Us

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We found you on a social media network not listed here, or with an account not listed. Is that you?

PROBABLY NOT! With a few technical exceptions, we've listed all of our accounts on this page. Please contact us if anyone else is claiming to be us, either under the MousePaw Media or MousePaw Games brands.

You don't seem to posting very often.

We're a very small team, so we don't have any full-time PR staff to post on social media for us. We post when we have something we want to share - and we hope to have much more to share in the coming months!

Hey, you should be on [SOME SOCIAL NETWORK]!

You might be right! We're probably just waiting until we have applicable content and the time to maintain it. Feel free to email your suggestions to us, though.

Why aren't you on Facebook?

Once upon a time, we were. However, we discovered that although around a hundred people had liked our page, only 8-10 would even be able to see our posts in their feed without our paying Facebook for promotion (something called "organic reach"). We didn't feel this was entirely honest on Facebook's part, and certainly not a good investment, so we closed our page. Further such developments since then have confirmed the prudence of that decision.


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Code contributions and questions about open source development and our Terms of Development.


Internship applications and Internship Program inquiries.


Inquiries regarding our Legal Notices and Terms of Use.


Inquiries regarding our Privacy Policy.


Technical support for MousePaw Media software and libraries.


Inquiries and error reports regarding our website and social media accounts.

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