It's your project. You know where you want to go with it, how it should look, and what platforms it should run on. Why should a big company tell you what you can do?

(Features and details subject to change.)

Interactive animation reinvented.

Lightrift uses Anari to deliver high-quality, high-performance animation, even on machines with limited system resources. Plus, Lightrift provides full scripting and user-interaction features via Ratscript.

Freedom is yours.

Lightrift is open source, meaning that YOU set the course for your own project! No more paying monthly fees to work on your project, only to be forced into using methods and platforms that Big Old Corporation tells you to use. Your project, your way.

Cross-platform creativity.

Lightrift is built using Python and Kivy, so it works out of the box on Windows, Mac, and Linux! Lightrift projects are designed to run via a custom-built projection frame, so you can focus on delivering high-quality content to your users instead of building binaries. And, since we're open source, you can help expand our platform reach!

Lightrift is Ideal For:

  • Rapidly creating 2D games.
  • Quality animations without exporting to video.
  • Custom interactive content.

FAQs: Lightrift

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What is Lightrift's license?

Lightrift is licensed under the GPL 3.0, so you can use it as an application however you want. The code may be used for any open-source project. We'll be switching to a slightly less restrictive open source license soon, to allow compatibility with permissive-licensed projects.

When will Lightrift be ready?

Lightrift is still fairly early in its development cycle, so it's almost impossible to give a date of completion.

I need this now!

We feel your pain! It's hard waiting, but we promise it will be worth it. However, if you're desperate to do vector-based cinematic animation on an open-source platform right away, check out our friends at Synfig Studio.

Can I help with development?

We'd love your help! Check out our Developers page for details on how you can get involved.