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Games aren't all we create; in pursuing our main projects, we create other tools and applications. Some are to make our work easier, others are proofs-of-concept for technical stuff.

*Indicates that the library is still in early development, and is not yet available for download.



Freedom meets interactive animation.


A new interpreted language with a simple, original syntax.


The Redundant String Generator.

Old Projects

You may be looking for a few of our old projects. We pulled some previous Labs projects because, really, they were just too rough and clunky to release to the world. One is just a plugin that only a handful of people will be looking for - that one can still be downloaded below.

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This project was built for Adventure Maker, game design platform we were experimenting with. We no longer use either, and honestly, it just didn't rank a project page of its own. Some people still use the plugin, so you can still Download the installer (Windows only).

PocketWatch allows for the execution of a timer of any length, at the end of which, one or more events occur. This offers an advantage over the built-in timer, which only supports up to 60 seconds. The GearSets feature allows for the use of up to five independent timers. It is free to use, even in commercial projects.

This project is unsupported, and will never be updated. Actually, we seem to have lost the source code.


Our old local-based bug tracker, Slannan, had some serious bugs that we were never able to fix. It is unique, and shows promise as a useful application, but we want to rethink a few things. We'll be revisiting the design of the software somewhere down the line. In the meantime, the code can still be found on GitHub, so you're welcome to run it from the Python source if you're feeling adventurous.


This was a very old time-tracker project built with Microsoft Visual .NET framework. We will be rebuilding the project on an open source platform at some undefined point in the future. You might be able to locate this one floating around the internet, but we no longer support nor recommend it, especially since we can't vouch for the safety of any of the sites it is currently being served from. (Actually, we already torched the source code.)