We've opened our development server to the public, so you can get involved in our open source projects! DevNet is home to our repositories, bug tracker, wiki, building and testing system, and many of our collaborative tools.

Access DevNet at

DevNet lives on Hawksnest, a server operated by MousePaw Media. Hawksnest is typically available 7 days a week, from 7am-10pm Pacific (1400-0500 UTC). The server's status will be published to this page.


Hawksnest is ONLINE.

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Please report problems to .

FAQs: DevNet

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Do I need a login?

Community members can register with Phabricator using their GitHub account. Anyone may browse Jenkins and all documentation without a login.

Hawksnest is listed as ONLINE, but I can't access DevNet. What's going on?

There are three common reasons for this:

  1. Internet issues at our office. When this happens, by time we can list the outage on our website, the problem is resolved.
  2. A server issue we haven't found out about yet. You're welcome to report it to us.
  3. If you were using DevNet and suddenly lost access, you likely triggered the server's security systems. If you believe this was in error, contact us for help regaining access.

Why do you have server hours?

There are several reasons, but a major one is that we have a small team, and we don't want the logistical annoyances of handling technical and security alerts in the middle of the night.

I'm in another part of the world, so those server hours are really hard to work around! Can you leave the server up for me?

Sorry, only staff can request server hour extensions. However, all things considered, you have 18 hours in which to access DevNet.

It's after hours, but the server is still up. What's the deal?

The server hours really just mean "it should be online during this time." Sometimes we run the development server outside of those hours as well.

Why aren't you using [INSERT HOSTING SERVICE HERE]?

We carefully considered a lot of options, factoring in logistics, technical needs, maintenance, security, and data storage. For what we're doing, we believe that hosting DevNet on Hawksnest is the best option for us.

Incidentally, the website you're looking at right now is hosted on Linode, which is an awesome service!

Uhm...why are there My Little Pony characters as the profile pictures of most of the staff on DevNet Phabricator?

Because it makes work 20% cooler! *Ahem* Actually, it's an inside joke, turned April Fool's prank, turned company tradition. Besides that, we like ponies. (Cheers, Hasbro!)