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Community Internships

In response to international interest in our internship program, we've created the Community Internship, which leverages our open source development program to offer training and experience to budding professionals around the world.

In most ways, Community Internships are no different from our standard U.S.-based Internship Program. You receive the same one-on-one attention and training, and most of the same experience opportunities are available to you. Upon completion of the 240-hour program, you even receive a Letter of Recommendation and the option to use us as a job reference.

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There are a few key differences with a Community Internship that allow us to work internationally.

  • No equity or college credit is earned.
  • Some leadership training opportunities are limited, since Community Interns cannot be granted internal security clearance.
  • Community Interns are still considered volunteer open source contributors, not employees.

However, these limitations have no impact on the quality of training your receive. You're still considered an equal part of the team!


To qualify for the Community Internship, you should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Professional working proficiency (IRL 3) or higher with English.
  • Has private administrator access to a computer with a reliable internet connection.
  • Can meet weekly work requirements (time off provided).
  • Is conscientious and self-motivated.
  • Can collaborate with coworkers to solve a problem.
  • Willing to learn new technologies and techniques.
  • Enjoys trying new things.
  • Teachable.
  • Is imaginative and can think outside of the box.

Participating Programs

The following Insternships can be completed through the Community Internship program. If you don't see the one you're interested in on the list, please reach out to us at to inquire about future plans.

See the page for the Internship you're interested in for more information.

Community Internship Questions

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Are unpaid internships legal?

It depends on a number of factors, including your country's laws. We aim to comply with U.S. Labor Laws regarding internships, by providing interns with extensive one-on-one training and mentorship, and by ensuring interns are not working the same hours one would expect of an employee.

The Community Internship is an extension of our open source development program, so it is considered entirely voluntary. Your continued participation is up to you, although you must complete the program to receive the Letter of Recommendation.

Of course, every country has different laws regarding internships. You should find out about your country's laws and regulations, and determine whether our program fulfills them satisfactorily.

Why do you have such a strict interview/screening process?

Two reasons. First, since we're limited in how many interns we can support at a time, we want to ensure this opportunity is open to those individuals who will make the most of it.

Second, since we're all about career preparation, we want to provide an interview process as rigorous as any you'd encounter in the industry. In many cases, we provide feedback to applicants on how they can interview better, even if we choose not to bring them on!

Why do you require such high English proficiency?

Being able to understand and communicate clearly in written and spoken English is pivotal to nearly every part of the internship program. There are few, if any, tasks which do not require reading, writing, speaking, or listening. We find that ILR 3 (Professional Working Proficiency) is the absolute minimum English proficiency level that will still enable success.

What time zone are you in?

MousePaw Media is based out of Idaho, United States of America, and we work on the US/Pacific Time Zone (UTC+8, UTC+7 on Daylight Savings Time).

How do you work across time zones?

We primarily schedule around North American time zones for meetings and collaborative sessions. However, since our entire team is remote and distributed, we're not limited to typical "business hours". We try to find times within normal waking hours that work for all parties.

Depending on your time zone, scheduling may require some flexibility from you, such as occasionally being available a little earlier or later than you might typically work. However, since only a fraction of your work involves live collaboration, you'll usually be able to stick with your own preferred schedule.

How often do we have video chat meetings?

Each team usually meets once a week at a regular time. These are working meetings, and we tend to get a lot done during them. These are scheduled around everyone's availability as much as possible.

In addition, you will have regular meetings with your internship supervisor, typically every other week (less as time goes on.)

I'm not certain what exactly I want to do.

That's part of the purpose of an internship. You will have the opportunity to try things out and make discoveries about your interests and abilities.

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